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Leveling Event

A 10 days leveling event!

For every 100 levels you will get 2 fortunes
For every 500 levels you will get 10 fortunes
For every 1000 levels you will get 25 fortunes and 5 1-0-0-0-0 orbs
For every 1k+ level you will get an extra 2 tokens

Top 5 players(account linked) who does the most levels
will pick a char to get 100 hours of full boosters and buffs!

I wanna remind everyone auto mouse/feeder is forbidden.

at the end of the event every char who did 500+ levels during the time frame will participate in a raffle for 25 gift box!
anyone can win anything! the list is down below

Upgrading Event – extended

We are having a new upgrading event June 5-19 GMT+0

every stage point will get you 3x Quic+Prot M+Aryne
every 2 stats points will get you a similar Booster
every orb break will get you a Fortunes
every 100 upg levels will get you a Protection
every 1000 upg levels will get you a Chamber

tottal of 30-300-300-300-300 upgrading points in event  and 40 orb/ss breaks will get you
90FQ, 90Prot M, 90Aryne-150Mora-150Coura-150Dex-150Adren
40 forutnes, 12Prots, 1 Chamber.

Top 3 Players – until June 15 who waste the most experience (limited to one win for linked accounts)
Will get to pick one of these rings:
Minerva’s Tears


you guys broke some upgrading records!!!
Helios, snail and Giza.
mail GCDank which ring you want