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[Ended] Honor and Teleport Event
Author: GCSora 2012-10-13 23:52

We are currently running an Honor and Teleport event!

If you are needing to switch your honor, type !!!honor and you will be sent to the event map filled with Bucci. These Bucci are all 10 power and 10 strength so they wont hurt you... much.

To go along with it, type !!!street2 or !!!fv to get teleported to street2 or fv. Using this is the way out of the event map as well. Be VERY CAREFUL however, because both commands do NOT send you to a safe location. Only use !!!fv if you can survive the mobs attacking you in fv.

For you, directionally challenged, people, after using the fv teleport command run a tiny bit south and you will get to the base.


!!!honor - sent to event map
!!!street2 - sent to street2
!!!fv - sent to fv

Update: The event is over! We had a LARGE number of players enjoying the event, and so it ran a bit long.
Last night we had some server issues, recovering from a technical issue we had in the past, which caused a temporary server outage--I apologize for that. We are back up and running better than before now though, and said issue should not arise again in the future.
We have a number of projects in the work for our faithful players, so keep your eyes open. Also, we are bringing back a few features that have fallen off the map or have broken.

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Double XP Event
Author: GCSora 2012-09-15 01:42

Due to popular demand (a ton of demands, in fact), we are running a double (2x) xp event.

Can't promise how long it may last, so hurry and go level!

Starting to work on the next, planned event. Updates to come.

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By: GCSkylark
Shout: 7x* Its no problem.
By: Stripper
Shout: Omg it posted like 6x wth sorry for that

By: Stripper
Shout: yeah

By: xjninjax
Shout: anyone know where I can get the 602t603.exe patch? the one on dl section isn't working.

By: Stripper
Shout: Hi world of RedMoon

By: Stripper
Shout: you should take somthing for that....sounds bad

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