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Creating Game Accounts

The ability to create game accounts has been turned back on. You can visit to create a new game account if you need another one. We’re still working on the wiki and a few other features. We’re also aware of a few outstanding server bugs that we’re looking into and should have resolved shortly! Thank you for all your patience as we wrap up the server move.

4 thoughts on “Creating Game Accounts

  1. I already have myone account with my 3 characters on it, I am wondering how I make3 different accounts for my characters instead of having them all on one account, i would like them on 3 seperate acounts.
    how is this possible

  2. GM, I have three characters on 1 account, the account ID is hoodpaul000

    I would like to have seperate accounts for each of these charactrs please
    I would like my philar to remain on hoodpaul000
    I would like my Sadad to go to hoodpaul1 (which I have already created)
    And my canaon to go to hoodpaul2 (which I have also created)

    I would like to know how to do this, or you could assist me with this please.
    thank you

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