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The Server is up!

We are working out some minor kinks, ending shapeshift, and a few other things, but we should be up to 100% in no time! Please report any bugs you find and we will do our best to resolve them as soon as possible.

14 thoughts on “The Server is up!

  1. My Lunarena is still a Philar, but you said you’re still working on that, so onto other things. I wasn’t able to use skills with my Lunarena(Philar) in Sahara, but when I switched to my Kitara, who is actually a Kitara, I was able. DT1, I wasn’t able to use skills on either one of them. It would just remove itself from the F8 bar. I also wasn’t able to open the Mailbox or Message Board in DT1. But on Street1 I was able to. I use the mailbox as storage, and I am able to open the first 10-15 mails, but the last couple won’t open. That’s all I got in about five minutes of playing.

    1. Nvm. It’s all working now. I still can’t read the bottom 6 mails in my mailbox. Got 32 in there. I’ll try shuffling things about to see if it resolves itself.

  2. I have not been able to long in for over a week now. Did the client change? I fear my army will have disbanded by the time I get back n because of this. (Bruins / Shellie)
    I keep getting the same error as if the server is off line. HELP??!!?

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