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Welcome To The New

As I’m sure you’ve noticed we have a brand new website! I know change can be scary but this is something we’ve needed for a long time. If you’ve had an account on our old website, you already have an account on this new site. However, one thing we couldn’t transfer over was your password since everything is encrypted. You’ll have to reset your account password by clicking here, that form will email you a reset link. Follow the instructions and you’ll be off and running on our new site!

Along with this update means we have an all new forum. What about the old forums and all the great content that has been posted over the last 10 years? No need to worry, it’s all safe and sound and will be online in a read-only archive soon.

What about the shout box, or the server status box, or the (insert other feature the old site had). We’ll be adding those back as we continue to develop the web site. We wanted to get the new site up and running right away without holding things up for a simple website feature.

21 thoughts on “Welcome To The New

  1. what about this .. I forgot the charging time and his date of birth .. but just the same id characterku I know .. is there a solution ?

  2. hey Raven,
    someone locked my account that originally had neomapper in it for some reason :p
    waiting to see the new site 🙂 2:40 A.M. EST

  3. HI,GMRaven. i dropped some blue item in FV bank,and i can’t pick it up now.can u do some help for me?
    General item like booster can be picked up ,but ….
    Help please.

  4. Hey GMRaven,
    My name is David, I used to play this game a lot back in the day with my brother, (Karm, Bypracks) I had a character named Fujian. Anyways I love this game and was hoping to play it again. I downloaded it and the patches, and it opens, there is sound but no image. I was wondering if this has been a problem with anyone else, and if you had any ideas that could help me get image. I had an Hdmi hooked up to my monitor, then I tried switching to a regular monitor hook up cable thing and no luck. Any ways, I look forward to hearing from you.


    1. I have image and a lot of others too, so game is working. Are you running it in full screen or window mode ? For window mode you need to set your pc to 16 bit or you get a black screen.

      1. Thanks that worked. I tried to log in to the game using my account name and password for this site and it said invalid password. Do I need to create a separate game account. Sorry for being such a newb

        1. @deige Yes sir, we do this so you can have many many game accounts but only need one web site account. I’m currently working on getting the game account system back up. Until then if you send me an email ( I can manually create a game account for you.

    2. Windows 7 64 bit (maybe other versions) > Right click desktop > Screen Resolution > Advanced Settings > Monitor Tab > High Color (16 bit). I switch it back when I’m done playing because it causes tearing to appear on my screen when I scroll through webpages.

  5. @gmraven I was wondering if you got my email, it’s a sick day today I was hoping to get some playing in since I can’t do anything else today. Anyways just wanted to hear back from ya.

  6. hi for some reason i cannot log in to any of my old characters using my old login and password, could someone help me with this?? all my characters were named timmy1,2,3,4,5,6

  7. Another bug, I can sometimes see the group chat of players leveling in Sahara1, Sahara2, and Sahara Dungeon1 while in Sahara Dungeon2.

    I also cannot seem to buff my characters while inside DT1 bank. Seems like skills are disabled on that map.

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