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Support site is back up!

I apologize for the delay in this, but support is back up! I did my best to run through it and test everything. Please let me know if you have any issues. We will get a link on the main page as soon as I can get our web people to make that change.


22 thoughts on “Support site is back up!

  1. I have a kit, SashaFierce, having trouble with boss spy quest.
    i think i might have killed boss spy before kasham asking me to do so, but not totally certain.
    anyhow killed boss spy, and kasham won’t clear the quest.

  2. where can i get a gm/gc to reply back to me? i forgot my password on my one and account, and have a question on my other account. I’m just coming back to play again and unable to get on a few chars.

  3. I dont think the Gm’s care about this stuff ! i have been trying to get them to fix the lost password link for so long i cant get anything from hotmail when retrieving emails its whatever though just curious hwhat chars i have on my oldest acc dam that password

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