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Support site is back up!

I apologize for the delay in this, but support is back up! I did my best to run through it and test everything. Please let me know if you have any issues. We will get a link on the main page as soon as I can get our web people to make that change.


22 thoughts on “Support site is back up!

  1. If you send 500 donation tokens to Alchemist, he will send you a rename code, and 300 for a transfer code. I believe those are the right amounts.

  2. OK Cygnus, i got my codes, i transfered two of my characters,
    and they are in the “pool”
    where is that and how do i put them on my new accounts?

  3. Hi- any way to recover a lost password? Haven’t played in a few years and I really want to come back, spent a lot of money on this game. Please help!! Thank you!

  4. yes, same here. I havnt played in a few years and forgot my password to a few accounts. but how can i send in a support ticket?

  5. I have a kit, SashaFierce, having trouble with boss spy quest.
    i think i might have killed boss spy before kasham asking me to do so, but not totally certain.
    anyhow killed boss spy, and kasham won’t clear the quest.

  6. where can i get a gm/gc to reply back to me? i forgot my password on my one and account, and have a question on my other account. I’m just coming back to play again and unable to get on a few chars.

  7. airjig. cuz they dont give a fuck about this game if you couldn’t tell by now….. been over a month and still no answer how to get info on my characters……………

    1. Player Rankings, Army Rankings, Old Forum Cache, Redmoon Wiki not through the way back machine, these would all be nice. Wonder what the hold up is all about.

  8. I dont think the Gm’s care about this stuff ! i have been trying to get them to fix the lost password link for so long i cant get anything from hotmail when retrieving emails its whatever though just curious hwhat chars i have on my oldest acc dam that password

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