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9 thoughts on “Shapeshift Event!

    1. You can change characters at your will, as long as the event lasts. If you do it from the webpage, your stats will be reseted. If you do it ingame, your stats will remain.

  1. this event is verry nice , i hope it runs long 🙂

    with some chars leveling is really pain , with the event its much more fun to switch and level on char as different chars 🙂

  2. ps .. i never had a chance to do my spaceship quest .. without the event 😉 .. because at lvl 600 .. no chance to find a desti to group 😉 …

  3. ya voixxi same thing happen to me. and i cant use any skills… cant even play whats going on with it? is there a new patch i need to update?

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