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Mini Auction Event

As a trial-run of sorts, we will be starting the first phase of an auction event.
Auction Tickets will now be dropping on every map (with a frequency similar to golden apples). These Tickets are email-bound to your accounts. The drop period will end on February 18th.

The item list and other details will be posted as I determine the number of participants.

Start collecting!

Update: The Item List and additional information has been posted here
Update 2: Auction Bidding Phase starts on the 21st. More information here
Update 3: Auction Items are now up for bid. See the Bidding Post for the current day’s items.

3 thoughts on “Mini Auction Event

  1. It’s that time of the year when I get the RM itch, and disregard my doubts about RMC lasting long enough to invest more time into it. Somehow this server has still clung onto the sands of time, and it looks like I may have picked a good time to come back. Can’t get the internet working on Virtual Box with a windows 10 host, so this may take me a bit – I have to have my buffer windows damn it! Is Gushy still around? I know he’s pretty well versed in VMs.

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