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Hello to all Redmoon (Classic) fans,

Exciting times are coming and we need your help! Behind the scene we are developing new content, but before we can do so we need your opinions and ideas. Our goal is to balance out the latest patches and the game in general PLUS adding new content. Help us out and fill in the following poll and leave anything you want to say in the comments of this post!


The poll has ended and you can view the results in the link above!

Should unique items be seasonal?
How should wars change?
Share your 2 cents!



32 thoughts on “Poll & Update

  1. I think it’s important that if any changes are made on the character/item level, there is an emphasis on strengthening the weak, not nerfing the strong.
    and if changes are made to experience gaining, that involves ultimately nerfing exp most of the time.. there shouldnt just be regular timed dbl exp events monthly, but something extra for people who level during off-event hours. IE: uni drops, prot drops, token drops, etc

    there, thats 2 cents ! 😛

  2. *emphasis on strengthening the weak, not nerfing the strong.
    Indeed there are some Nerfed character’s that need to be balanced a bit and azlar is one of the to help counter their predecessors.
    *experience gaining
    I prefer event based xp boosts and extended times on them every so often.
    *uni drops, prot drops, token drops, etc
    I know it seems unfair to the handicapped players but unis(server based items) and sunsets(player owned items) provide a stable market for the server and without a system of barter and trade it will crash.

  3. I wish I had tickets every day,
    Quarterly fixed auction,
    Create opportunities for each new person.
    There is also the need for a special trading system for easy exchange.

  4. I play on the real Korean RMC !! there is not enough players here!! to do anything !! without spending money !!
    and there are no drop time for anything !!! no way new player can catch up to have fun with other players have to spend money!!
    and no kinda thank you’s after spending like over $400 in a moth no kinda thank you from sever just tokens ss that breaks even then still cant even run summit alone the ppl that have fun is only ppl that was on RMC for a long time so nobody want to join !!!
    even my self thought is was going to be like real RMC like korean sever but nope!! learn from Korea RMC not just sit there do nothing and get paid !! its so bad ppl have to make there own buffers to play i login and like wow ppl and its 1 player player like 10 char even my self log all my buff char just to play !! going to fold redmoon for another 10years!!

  5. Prepossessed auction 1 time a year or less.People have earned there ranks threw blood, sweat, and tear’s. Also,if the price is not right for you then move on. You have received what took people at least a year or more to earn and you complain. The truth of the matter is that you actually received a pro rated price of sorts. That’s how you can tell a seasoned player from one has overly bought into a game instead of playing it and earning rank threw trail. I would suggest that you earn your stripes as others have. The system is designed to encourage play over a long term not simple hand things out and have people quit, The turn over would simply not sustain it.

    1. thats life if i didnt put the time in i got to put the money in!! every game out there now a days you got to put in money to catch up whos going to play a game that takes years to catch up?? simply ppl will play other games and money makes sever better when sever is making money sever gets better and you cant get mad when others work hard for there real money !! and they have money to play with !!

      1. yet the thing is it doesn’t matter if you put the time in. You will never obtain unis or ss through conventional means in this current server’s configuration. Unis nor SS drop, thus making it irrelevant how much “time” one puts into this game. It’s all about tokens and who’s willing to pay hundreds upon hundreds of dollars to get the top tier gear. As it currently stands there is NO way to catch up to those at the top without spending at least 1,000 USD. For THIS content? Who’s willing to do that? You’d have to be out of your mind to find that to be an even exchange.

  6. I would like seasonal uniques. Probably because I don’t have any. If I had some I’d say let me keep them forever. This is how everyone will respond.

    If you want to make changes make carbodyne drop on Earth. Sell vends at a store so I can get rid of e-vends. Publicly shame people that sell avends and cvends for insane prices. They’re only hurting new players. Money is not something of value in this game. Neither are duras.

    Actually, I just got back and I’m liking the pace of leveling. I didn’t know it was not normal experience.

    I also had a taste of hima summit. That’s as far away from classic as I’d ever seen. Not that I’m complaining. I’d love to be able to level there but I can’t since I don’t have any unis. Which is why I will probably never get an army either. Which is ok too since I never cared for wars. Getting one shot and doing no damage was never fun. The best time I had during wars was when the highest levels on the server were under 500 on Diosa. Those were the days!

    1. *I would like seasonal unique’s
      The current system is to keep players active and the non-active player items(6 months) will be put into the server pool and auctioned. You can how ever keep Sun-Sets that you earn no matter what but the uni items belong to the server.

    2. I really loved the 500 and under wars as well, 900’s would be awesome as well heck even 1000’s if there is so way to limit gear used because without uni’s and solid SS you just get pwned by everyone

  7. Can we do something like donate of the week or moth or year??
    like players with no uni cant even farm chambers so maybe donate of the week give out chambers or uni??

  8. The system is broken in every way possible. I started playing again recently and when I first got back I thought to myself “Oh look at all these armies, all these halls occupied, and people playing” However the truth of the matter the armies are all fake, normally owned by the same people and abuse the system to war against themselves on purpose to avoid paying hall rent.
    If you are a player who played Redmoon on Diosa and are expecting a “classic” experience, I’m sorry but RMC no longer provides that. If you are willing to spend hundreds of dollars you can get whatever you want and yet at the same time if you are hoping for world drops that are blue other than the occasional Poison Pill, Durability Potion, or Escape Pod. Well, you’re wasting your time my friend.
    I remember how useless my time spent in this game felt when I found out unis do not drop and if they did drop the server would not have a way to make money thus the current pay to win scheme is a necessary evil to support the server financially through donations.
    This is all smoke and mirrors. The people online are actually playing 1 character and have their “buffer” characters logged in to keep their buffs up. No problem with that, but when you really think about it, there has to be less than 50 actual “players” on this server at this point. There’s tons of characters, tons of activity, yet the server is a ghost town.
    I really hate to say it but there’s no real way to fix this system. This game is for people who are willing to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars to obtain crazy items that make them untouchable and if you are people like myself who don’t want to spend money like that you will NEVER have a chance to compete at the top.

  9. Create seasonal characters on top of regular. Seasonal characters start with level 1 and have a special icon above their name. They will turn non seasonal after 3 or 4 months. Create 3 new maps accessible only to seasonal characters, create new rare drop currency that you can buy sunsets and unis with. It should be roughly 3 drops per map per day. The items should be 200 to 500 in cost. It would take one to three months roughly for 1 uni. Add other benefits to seasonal characters, I. E. Cannot buff them with regular characters…
    Remove protections altogether.
    Add more incentive to play non seasonal characters

  10. I know it’s out of the question, and most likely not doable. But I want to experience the battle dimension at least once. Like a “Try the battle Dimension Event, see what its about” Just unlock it once, is all I ask. Than lock it back up. But make it so Level 1000 may not enter, and must have battle pass.

  11. I am not sure how easy it would be for you to implement a auto reboot for summit, but that would be awesome. Doesn’t take more than 2 or 3 days and the number of monsters have dropped significantly.

  12. It’s kind of funny considering most of the questions that were in the survey were all points that I griped about in my various rants. This suggests to me that the GMs and GCs of this server actually do listen to their community and actually DO want change that will affect the server in a positive way. However, I do think they are stuck between a rock and a hard place here.

    If they go back to a fully “REDMOON CLASSIC” style they will lose the support of those who have spent hundreds of USD on tokens and gear that they rightfully paid for. If they appease the other 80% of us who want RMC to go back to the good ol days of the game being more difficult, rare items actually being rare and able to be obtained via world drops, and making things like protections hard to get so you can’t just have a permanent set of gear stapled to your character with no repercussions for death, then there’s no real reason to play this game just to run hima summit 100 times a day grinding exp hoping to get S4 items to go battle it out with people in the BA occassionally. Wars mean nothing anymore, those who have their gear and have their armies are only warring themselves to avoid paying hall rent…. It’s all a farce and nobody who played this game in it’s heyday will ever see this as an enjoyable experience. When RMC first started I was on board because it kept the feeling of Diosa alive and well. We could play these other servers but this one was the only one that felt right to me. However as time has gone on, this game is more pay to win more than anything else.
    They should change the banner “The way Redmoon was meant to be played” Because I simply cannot acknowledge this as a legitimate Redmoon experience. It’s fun to come on here for nostalgic purposes but when you really get into the meat and potatoes of the server and the economy and how it’s armies and political structure actually is, it’s all smoke and mirrors. The population is laughable, the armies are all owned by the same people who fake war and abuse the system right in the face of the Gms and nobody is willing to do anything about it.

    I dunno. I won’t play till they make some changes but who cares, I’m just 1 guy. I hope the polls show my opinion isn’t just my own but I want the game to feel like the old game and I want to have a reason to play without having to shell out hundreds of my hard earned dollars for items…

  13. Either do something now or let’s stop pretending that we have a server.

    This is not “Redmoon Classic”

    Fix the system or retitle the server.

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