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Monthly Archives: July 2018

Mini Event (New)

Upgreading Mini Event ! ! !
We’re having a few mini events with awesome prizes!


First player to upgrade an event st4 ss to level 69 win  ~Toguro won~
50 Tokens + 50 Dura

First player to upgrade an event st4 ss to level 79 win ~Vormov won~
150 Tokens + real ss 0-0-0-0-0 of choice

First player to break 30 ss/event ss/orbs win  ~BORN2PORN won~
Catalyst Chamber

First player to do 1000 lvls on ss/event ss/orbs win  ~Halp won~
100FQ + 100FC + 100 Dura + 4bill gold

First player to do 2000 lvls on ss/event ss/orbs win  ~Halp won~
10 Clear orbs + 120 Tokens + Catalyst Chamber

First player to reach 22,000 points by upgrading win  ~Halp won~
120 tokens + 200FQ + 200FC + 4bill

First player to reach 66,000 points by upgrading win  ~Halp won~
550 Tokens + real 1-0-0-0-0 ss of choice + 200 FQ + 200 FC

** Pointing system is based on the level of the sunset
** 100 Tokens to any additional mini event win after the first one
** Timer started a few hours ago

Winners of sunsets Please sent GCDank ingame mail with what item you want.

I will mail everything ingame so make sure your mail is clear

TY everyone for playing

Unique and Sunset Event

We are holding a month-long Unique and Sunset event that will hopefully give everyone a chance to try something new.

‘Superior’ sunset items are dropping across all Signus maps (including Himalayan Summit)

  • drop with clear (0-0-0-0-0) stats
  • carry the same attack and defense bonuses as real Stage-4 items but will retain their ‘0’ stage number
  • benefit from a lower breaking chance compared other staged items

Sahara 1 Tradeshop has been updated to include nearly every equipable unique

  • Durability drop rates are greatly increased
  • Alchemist’s Amnesia Green formula has been temporarily disabled
  • Existing durability are temporarily removed from play, These will be returned at the conclusion of the event

All of these items (sunsets,uniques bought from trader, and durability) will be removed after the event.

Free protection will be provided for the duration of the event as they will not be for sale in the trader.

It is highly recommended that players do NOT make trades involving uniques during the event. If necessary, request a staff member to verify the legitimacy of a trade.

Finally, prizes will be given based on activity and achievements during the event.