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Monthly Archives: August 2018

Upgrading event

We are having a simple Upgrading event.

points count starts at 20/8/18 00:00 (GMT+0)
and will end on 31/8/18 00:00 (GMT+0)

player who gain the most upgrading points (based on the ss lvl)
Wins: 300 tokens + 100 dura + 1-0-0-0-0 ss of choice
Shades won!!!

player who gain the most upgrading points (linked to email)
meaning we are linking exp to the account e-mail so if you play more then one char we’ll count it as well
Wins: 500 tokens + 100 dura + 1-0-0-0-0 ss of choice
Shades won!!!

player who breaks the most items
Wins: 100 golden apples
DeathStroke won!!!


Good Luck everyone

End of Unique and Sunset Event

Thank you to all event participants, we’ve had a noticeable rise in average online activity for the last month. As mentioned before, all of the event uniques and event sunsets are being removed. However, any Catalyst Chambers bought from the trader, Chip items upgraded using event items, and the remaining durability will remain as they are.

Any player who had their durability removed prior to the event will find them returned in a new Mail (check the first entry/bottom of your mailboxes).

Event changes that are to remain until further notice:

  • Catalyst Chambers in the Sahara1 Trader.
  • The Alchemist Formula for Amnesia Greens disabled.
  • New Wyverns in School Dungeon 3 and drop changes favoring Durability over Protection (no boosters now).
  • Durability drops in high level maps that were previously missing.

If you believe a real item was mistakenly removed from your character, please send an in-game mail to GCSirin.