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ShapeShift Event

We’re running a ShapeShift Event from now until September 24th (00:00 GMT+0).
You may use the global command !!!shapeshift or open the form in your browser here:

Please remember, stats will not be reset if you are logged in and may become locked if you switch between different characters (however, honor changing while logged in works now). All characters will revert to their original after the event ends and we will allow honor-only changes for a time.

We’ll be updating the global command later in the week to allow faster switching, without the need to enter account info.
There are a few more things in the works that should be ready in the near future as well, stay tuned!

Update: Shortcuts have been made for the global command.

Any combination of !!!shapeshift or !!!ss with a partial character class and/or honor will now trigger a shapeshift without a need for the web form.

  • !!!shapeshift red phil
  • !!!ss azl bl
  • !!!ss desty
  • !!!ss luna blue

These changes take effect upon your next map change and will not change your character stats. You must still use the web form (while logged off) to do stat resets.

The Event has ended. All characters have been changed back to their original class and honor.

Poison Pills have been mailed to all event participants and the global warps !!!st2 and !!!honor have been turned on to allow anyone to quickly change or regain their honor points.

Any characters that have not reset abnormal stats by the time Poison Pills shade (1 week) will be force reset and moved to Street2 Hospital.


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