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Monthly Archives: December 2018

Fortune Event

In this event you’ll have to figure out your own path to Glory


prizes will be based on activity log, buffing, lvling, upg, breaking and more.

First Prize:  Unique Weapon of choice + 35 Redmoon Fortunes + 300 Tokens

Second Prize:  100 Redmoon Fortunes + 500 Tokens

Third Prize:  40 Redmoon Forutunes + 240 Tokens

Fourth Prize:  20 Redmoon Fortunes + 200 of every booster

Fifth Prize:  5 Redmoon Fortunes + 200 of every booster

These players are on the right path

The event will end on the 24th and during this time I will be adding the general result and send awards to winners


have fun ya’ll