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Shapeshift event

UPDATE: The Event has ended.
Global Warps are available to allow for honor changing

  • !!!honor
  • !!!st2
  • !!!fv

(planned to end on January 27th)

It is on
you know what to do

*shout ingame !!!shapeshift
*or click on this link ShapeShift

to reset stats you need to be off your account when shapeshifting

5 thoughts on “Shapeshift event

  1. Was recently able to actually play on this server, and was on time with the Shape-shift Event.
    It’s been ages since I have fun playing games.
    Thank you for the Shape-shift Event,
    looking forward for next event. (you know, I’m looking forward for another Shape-shift event)…
    Thank you all for reminds me of good old days.


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