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Did someone say I need tokens?

It’s time for a tokens boost and some fun on the way
with grinding the Earth and Space for experience.

for every 100 levels you do on every char during the 6 days time frame you get 20 tokens and 2 fortunes

every 500 levels you’ll get a double up

level 1-100 = 20 tokens + 2 fortunes
level 200-600 = 400 levels = 80 tokens + 8 fortunes
level 1-500 = 200 tokens + 20 fortunes
level 200-1000 = 800 levels = 260 tokens + 26 fortunes
level 1-1000 = 600 tokens + 60 fortunes
i hope it’s clear enough

start: 8:00 GMT+0    3/4/2019
End:  8:00 GMT+0     3/10/2019  ___  prizes will be calculated at that time.
low possibility of extantion with a lower rate 😛

*The Garage Sale is still running hot!

21 thoughts on “Did someone say I need tokens?

  1. ok understood now i have another question….

    if i get a new character from 1-1000 that means “level 1-1000 = 600 tokens + 60 fortunes”

    PLUS you said ” every 500 levels you’ll get a double up” so dose that mean in the end for a 1-1000 would that equal up to 1200 tokens + 120 fortunes?

  2. So can I create a bunch of new accounts loaded with Philars and Azlars and go nuts? If I get 250 levels on one character and 250 on a second, does that count as 500 for a double up?

    What are the restrictions on this thing?

    1. no, everything is calculated per char so if you level
      2 chars to 250 you’ll get awarded for 200 levels on each one of them
      meaning 40 tokens + 4 fortunes for each one when event ends

  3. Guys,
    great work so far!
    thousens of tokens are gonna be send out

    I’m gonna be unavailable sunday till wednesday, so i’ll calculate everything when i’m back and send by mail before the next weekend!

    keep up the good work <3

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