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Unique and Sunset Event – May2019

For the month of May we’re having a Unique and Sunset Event.

Server Maintenance is planned for 2019-05-01 00:00:00 UTC/GMT+0
You can expect up to 30 minutes of downtime before the event begins.

We’re dropping “Superior” Weapons (including Rings and Necklaces) and Sunset Orbs (all with 0-0-0-0-0 stats) across all Signus maps.

Sahara1 Tradeshop is filled with all kinds of unique equipment and durability drops have been increased.

Any Sunset Orbs and Durability you gain during this event are yours to keep, all Weapon drops and trader-bought unique equipment will be removed when the event ends.

For added fun and a new challenge, both Sky Cities and Sky Dungeons have been modified.

  • Uni has been left untouched
  • Anatu and Bau have increased spawn
  • Cyrn and Dyaus have stronger mobs and increased spawn

It is recommended not to venture into Cyrn or Dyaus maps unprepared, they are level 1000+ maps at this point.

Now for what some of you really care about, permanent prizes from the event.
The focus will be on upgrading the event drops:

  • 5 Token per 50+ event weapon that breaks during event.
  • 30 Token per 50+ event weapon that survives until event end
  • 120 Token per 60+ event weapon that survives until event end
  • 500 Token per 70+ event weapon that survives until event end
  • 2000 Token per 80+ event weapon that survives until event end

The token award will be capped at 2000 per person.
Items upgraded by multiple players are disqualified from additional awards.

Additional awards for best-of 60/70/80+ event items:

  • (3x) Best 60+ : Choice of complete Tamas or Selion set
  • (2x) Best 70+ : Choice of complete Jupiter or Ring set
  • (1x) Best 80+ : Complete Parcae’s set

(Best items chosen by highest power, then primary attack stat, then by first created)

As the event progresses, a public listing of the upgraded items will be made available so you know where you stand.
Update: Link for Rankings (a less low-effort page may be created later).

5 thoughts on “Unique and Sunset Event – May2019

    1. No, I’ll only be looking for who did the upgrades/breaks and where the items are at the very end of the event. It doesn’t matter if someone else found it or if you lend it to someone else to use.

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