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New Events

something small to pass the time (:

Daily events untill July.
time frames will be from 00:00-00:00 GMT + 0 (24 hours)

June 24 – June 25 ~ top 5 chars who does the most levels will get 50 Fortunes each.
WankerSpanker, WhipperSnapper, SunShades420, SolarShades420, RainMasta check your mail

June 25 – June 26 ~ top 5 players who does the most upg levels win 50 fortunes each.(linked chars will be considered as one player)
Canoneer, BRex, texarcana1929, PullShades420, CrazyBear check your mail

June 26 РJune 27 ~ 5 fortunes for every ss/orb break (min-3 / max-10 breaks per char  to participate). check mail

June 27 – June 28 ~ 5 fortunes for every 10 bill exp used to upg ss/orb (linked chars will be considered as one player) check mail

June 28 – June 30 ~ top 5 players with the most upg points win 50 fortunes (higher lvl ss gives more points)(linked chars will be considered as one player)
24, StamShades420, oooo1, Haiku, texarcana1929 check your mail

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