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Monthly Archives: October 2019

Auction Event

We’re holding an Auction at the end of October.

The item list will consist of at least:

  • Tamas Set (Tamas/Rajas/Largesse)
  • Selion Set (Selion/Noas/Elein/Slipheed)
  • Ring Set (Aquarine/Graupnel/Topaz)
  • Every Unique Weapon
  • Minvera’s Tears and Necklace
  • Jupiter Set (Jupier/Tears of Heliades)
  • Fresh Breeze
  • Spirit of Minerva

We will update with the total available for each item at a later date.

All Golden Apples drop rates have increased and will now turn into Auction Tickets for collection. (In a related note, if you currently have saved up Redmoon Fortunes it is recommended that you use them before the end of the Event.)

The Auction will be held in-game and players must be present to bid on items. The time and date will be chosen at least one week before (currently we’re looking at the 25-26 or the following weekend around GMT midnight).

Good luck to everyone on their Apple hunt!