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Auction Event

We’re holding an Auction at the end of October.

The item list will consist of at least:

  • Tamas Set (Tamas/Rajas/Largesse)
  • Selion Set (Selion/Noas/Elein/Slipheed)
  • Ring Set (Aquarine/Graupnel/Topaz)
  • Every Unique Weapon
  • Minvera’s Tears and Necklace
  • Jupiter Set (Jupier/Tears of Heliades)
  • Fresh Breeze
  • Spirit of Minerva

We will update with the total available for each item at a later date.

All Golden Apples drop rates have increased and will now turn into Auction Tickets for collection. (In a related note, if you currently have saved up Redmoon Fortunes it is recommended that you use them before the end of the Event.)

The Auction will be held in-game and players must be present to bid on items. The time and date will be chosen at least one week before (currently we’re looking at the 25-26 or the following weekend around GMT midnight).

Good luck to everyone on their Apple hunt!

12 thoughts on “Auction Event

    1. Auction Tickets have been included in the prize pool for existing Fortunes (though I would argue their potential token value is still high enough that people should use them without worrying about the auction). I’m planning major changes to the Fortune prizes that would be unfair without wiping out the old ones.

      1. What if we have older accounts and we’re not sure what the e-mail is? Could some of our tickets be considered “not ours” once we move them all to one character? How do we check or change that? I’ve been using Origa and moving them over to Sigurd (who can get through School Dungeon), and dropping them off with Sunkist, who I’ll be bringing to the auction. All my characters.

        1. Hi there Mushroom, we went to FV yesterday! Great lvln.

          You can move the apples to the character you want to use in auction, you can not move the tickets to other characters if they dont have the same e-mail adres, so if you already moved tickets then the e-mail adres must be the same. Or else test it with 1 ticket? Hope this helps?

          1. Sorry Sp4Wn, but my problem has more to do with knowing how to access the details tied to my older accounts and being able to change it to unify everything. Having my tickets spread across my accounts is a nonissue otherwise.

          1. I had to google ‘redmoon classic support’ to get to it, but I’m also blind so I might not have seen the link to it on the main page. And it seems that everything is in order. So I’m freaking out about nothing. Good to know this exists. Thanks.

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