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Unique and Sunset Event – February 2020

The event has ended.

Players who were able to make level 50+ event items should now see the converted orbs, however, the items may still be equipped or otherwise hidden underneath other items in your inventory.

We are running a Unique and Sunset Event until March 8th 10th. Items are able to be purchased from the Sahara1 Trader and the newly added FV Trader with Durability.

Golden Apple drop rates are now significantly higher and are now being converted to Durability at 15 minute intervals.

For easier identification event Uniques have white names, although they may still shade upon death. Like past events, the event “S4” Sunsets have a shown and unchangeable stage of 0, but otherwise may be upgraded like any other sunset.

At the conclusion of the event, all uniques bought from the trader will be removed.
Exceptions to this are consumables items like Protection, Redmoon Fortunes, and Poison Pill which you will find at their normal prices and will continue to be available after the event.

Upgraded Event Sunsets that exist at the end of the event and are at least level 50 will be converted into permanent Orbs.
The conversion will set the orb stage based on the level and reduce other stats to keep the same overall level.
For example, a level 56 event item with the stats 0-14-14-14-14 will become a 1-14-14-13-14 orb.
60+ items will become stage 2 orbs, 70+ become stage 3, and in the rare occurrence of a 80+, that will become a stage 4.

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