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We will be running  an Upgrade/Leveling Event!
starting now untill April 19   00:00 GMT.

Top 15 List
For any orb/ss break, a fortunes will be rewarded.
For every 100billions Exp wasted on an upgrade, 5 fortunes will be rewarded.
For leveling, every 400 levels gained, 80 of all fat boosters will be rewarded.

Top 3 Exp wasting players will be rewarded with a Chamber
Top 3 leveling players will be rewarded with 15 fortunes

Special thanks to Amanda for being Amanda

Best of luck everyone!


7 thoughts on “Fortunesssss

    1. Fierce1 you are correct.

      if you level to 800 you’ll receive 160 of each booster
      if you level 3 chars to 400 you’ll reveice 80 for each char

  1. It was so fun starting over with the boosters until level 600 last week. I hope that comes back in some form for this event. Would be nice to see groups to level with.

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