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Unique and Sunset Event

The event has come to an end.

All durability taken prior to the start of the event have been mailed back. The mails were sent to the “bottom” so that a full mailbox does not prevent access to them.

The Durability “refund” from bought event items and Fortunes for broken items will be mailed out in the next 24-48 hours in the same manner. Fortune and Durability refund mails have been sent.

Upgrading Prize winners

  • IvankaTrump with a 15-17-11-26(69) Measure
  • Ebisu with a 17-12-15-25(69) Pair of Gloves
  • Sindragosa with a 17-15-13-24(69) Measure


  • LastResort with a 16-18-20-25(79) Necklace
  • Lyrondak with a 11-22-22-24(79) Ring

There were no 80+ event items made.

We will be running a Unique and Sunset Event from July 25 – Aug 10    00:00 GMT

Items are able to be purchased from the Sahara1 Trader.

All Durability will be temporarily removed so everyone will start at the same position.

Golden Apple drop rates will be significantly higher will converted to Durability at 15 minute intervals.

For easier identification event Uniques have white names
Like past events, the event “S4” Sunsets have a shown and unchangeable stage of 0, but otherwise may be upgraded like any other sunset and has the effect of a real st4.

At the conclusion of the event, all uniques and sunsets bought from the trader will be removed.

All Unique Equipment bought from the Trader will be refunded (1/4rd buy price)

Permanent prizes from the event:
Every event sunset that break will become a Redmoon Fortune when event end

Upgraded Event Sunsets that exist at the end of the event and are at least level 50 will be converted into permanent Orbs.
The conversion will set the orb stage based on the level and reduce other stats (reduction order dex, spr, str and then pow) to keep the same overall level.
For example, a level 62 event item with the stats 0-15-15-15-17 will become a 1-15-15-14-17 orb, A level 69 0-15-15-15-24 will become 2-15-14-14-24. 69 items will become stage 2 orbs, 79 become stage 3, and in the rare occurrence of a 80+, that will become a stage 4.

Additional awards for best-of 60/70/80+ event items

  • (3x) Best 60+ : Choice of complete Tamas or Selion set
  • (2x) Best 70+ : Choice of complete Jupiter or Ring set
  • (1x) Best 80+ : Complete Parcae’s set

Best items chosen by highest power, then primary attack stat if weapon/majestic Or str if nauthiz then by first created.
Sunset List

Auto protection, egg and warps will be avalible

As the event progresses, a public listing of the upgraded items will be made available so you know where you stand.

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