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PvP Event September 13th

We are having a level 1100-1150 PvP full vends and Signus weapons tournament
10 fortunes participation award!
50 fortunes for the winning team!
Last man standing will win 25 Fortunes!
~ You can start assembling your team ~

you will provide your own buffs, blue luna is not allowed
boosters will be given when we start

Team leaders read the Rules and help maintain order.
if your team fail to follow instruction they will be removed from event
you MUST read the instruction below before entering the games!

What level do I need to be to participate in the event?

You must be level 1100 or higher to participate. To check your level, visit:


What characters can I use?

You may use any character except a Blue Honored Lunarena.


Can I participate on more than one character?

You may participate on a maximum of 2 characters and they must be on the same team.


Where do I meet if I want to participate in the Team Event?

Players should meet in Street 2 near Hospital & Bank prior to the event starting. The GC will warp players to the Event Map from here.


What should I have in my F3 (Items), F4 (Equipment), and F8 (Quick) Menus before being warped to Event Map?

You should have nothing in your F3 (Item) or F8 (Quick) menus. The only items you can have in your F4 (Equipment) menu should be your armor / accessories. All HP/MP, & Boosters will be provided to your team.


What armor / accessories can I wear?

You may only wear: Signus Armors (A-Vend, C-Vend) Earth Weapons (Nova Blade, Plasma Beam, Nova Spear, Nova Bow, Nova Wand)
Accessories (Spirit, Eternity, Individuality, Regen Necklaces & Rings)
Signus Weapons (Calabolg, Ranseur, Typhonic Bow, Wand of Sacrifice, Chrysaor)

**NO Sunset Items or Uniques (Blue Name) are allowed

The GC will check each player individually to verify no one has brought items that are not allowed. You will not be allowed to participate if you have items outside of the list above in your F3, F4, or F8 menus.

Will any buffs be provided to us?

Buffs (Egg, Starlight, etc.) are provided at the Game Counselors discretion. The type of buffs given by the Game Counselor may change from Tournament to Tournament. You will be responsible for bringing characters that provide the necessary buffs you would like.


If I do not have a team, can I still be a part of the event?

Absolutely! We will first try to match you up with a team if there are open spots. Should no open spots be available, you can participate on your own.


What happens when I get moved to Event Map?

  1. Game Counselor (GC) will assign teams a corner and provide HP/MP/Boosters to each
  2. Game Counselor (GC) will provide buffs of his choice to Players
  3. Game Counselor (GC) will provide a countdown before & when battle begins

**To make this go as smoothly as possible, please follow directions and do not flood chat unless you absolutely need clarification.


How do you win the Team Event?

The team that is alive when every other team has been killed with no chance of being resurrected is the winner.


Is there a Death Match Event after the Team Event?

Yes! If you were on the winning team, you will be put into a Death Match against your teammates. The last one surviving in the Battle Arena wins the grand prize! HP / MP / Boosters will be provided by the Game Counselor. The same armor rules apply as above.



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