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Leveling Event 19-28 September

19-28 September Leveling Event!

Every char who does 500+ levels will enter a Redmoon Raffle!
Reward list can be found in comments

Every 500 levels you win 10 fortunes
Every 100 levels you win 2 fortunes
Every char who does 1000 levels will win 25 fortunes Bonus

Top 5 players (linked to account&IP) with the char who does the most levels(higest level then first to hit 1150)
will win 5 x 1-0-0-0-0 orbs – QuickReload, Coramoor, Ice1, MB43, Girugamesh
Top player/first to hit 1150 will win 1-0-0-0-0 full Nauthiz Set! QuickReload
Leader Board
Korean and Chinese translation in the comments

5 thoughts on “Leveling Event 19-28 September

  1. 이번주말부터 열흘간 렙업 이벤트 하는데 100업마다 포츈2장, 500업마다 포츈10장+제비뽑기참여권, 1000업하면 포츈25장 준다고하네요

  2. 9月19日至9月28日 练级活动!

    每个角色达到500+级 以上都会有机会进入红月抽奖!
    在抽奖中,有机会得到特级装备(蓝色名称),生化,特别补助 或更多

    每 500级,将会赢得10张彩票
    每 100级,将会赢得 2张彩票
    每个角色超过 1000级 将会赢得 25张彩票以奖励

    排名最高的角色 前3名玩家(以排名最高级别相比)
    (链接账号和IP 地址),和第一名将赢得 5粒 1-0-0-0-0 Orb

    第一名玩家到达 1150级 将会赢得1整套 1-0-0-0-0 生化!


  3. New Years money(100mill) pacon10
    100 Fat Carbodyne MontanaMax
    100 Fat Carbodyne CalamityCoyote
    100 Fat Carbodyne Vekasumi
    100 Fat Quics Veruca
    100 Fat Quics Fourze
    100 Fat Quics Scilla
    10H any buff (can’t be used in war) BonesSpirit
    10H any buff (can’t be used in war) Saigon
    10H any buff (can’t be used in war) Dextyne
    120 Tokens SpectreFive
    120 Tokens BANGBANGBANG
    120 Tokens Molan
    120 Tokens PulleyJ
    15 Fortunes GodStr
    15 Fortunes Dongerino
    15 Fortunes Crackegg
    15 Fortunes Toadstool
    15 Fortunes Zayka
    200 Fat Carbodyne kst3
    200 Fat Carbodyne Legolego
    200 Fat Carbodyne Tunare
    200 Fat Quics keaf
    200 Fat Quics 501andDONE
    200 Fat Quics Mantix
    25 Fortunes Korra
    25 Fortunes Azzlaria
    25 Fortunes StrawHat
    3 x 0-0-0-0-0 Orbs Kijino
    3 x 0-0-0-0-0 Orbs PerpetualBlue
    3 x 1-0-0-0-0 Orbs ZaykaI
    3 x 1-0-0-0-0 Orbs SoftScrambled
    3 x 1-0-0-0-0 Orbs Marth
    50 Durability Ice3
    50 Durability frozenphil
    50 Tokens Ilyra
    50 Tokens Hea
    5H any buff (can’t be used in war) dadeapo
    5H any buff (can’t be used in war) Immortall
    80 Tokens TemptedToLevel
    80 Tokens Vekula
    80 Tokens 0neShot
    80 Tokens WaP
    Catalyst Chamber Lxr2
    Catalyst Chamber MrQ
    Catalyst Chamber Badang
    ChipX-0 wan4
    ChipX-0 + 5 Chip Core PowerPack
    ChipY-0 Gerrard
    ChipY-0 + 5 Chip Core funny0591
    Fresh Breeze QuickReload
    Minerva’s Blessings Coramoor
    Minerva’s Tear MB43
    New Years money(100mill) kst2
    New Years money(100mill) ICB
    New Years money(100mill) sd2
    New Years money(100mill) BoxCan
    New Years money(200mill) ll1
    New Years money(200mill) Fun2
    New Years money(200mill) Linyi
    New Years money(400mill) 1118
    Radiation of Mars Elmyra
    Radiation of Mars JIJON
    Radiation of Saturnus Veking
    Radiation of Saturnus RunnerC
    Selion Set Ice1
    Selion+Noas SpectreThree
    Slipheed+Elein WJLbaby
    Spirit of Minerva MB17
    Spirit of Minerva Gackt
    Tamas Set Girugamesh

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