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Removal of Uniques from shop tax

Due to gold duping, we have decided to remove uniques from the army tax system, effective Jan 1, 2021.
Uniques will still be available from fortunes, army war bonus, and events.
The last day to get uniques from the army tax system will be Dec 31, 2020.

3 thoughts on “Removal of Uniques from shop tax

  1. The terrorist have won. Instead of fixing the issue (duping) we will remove one of the fundamental reasons this game is fun. Owning shops/ HQ and defending them.

    1. @bigolbp I completely understand your frustration. If preventing gold duping was trivial it would of course be the first item on our hit list. As of this moment, it’s not 🙁 so we need to stop the bleed until we can find the cure.

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