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PvP Event

We are having a level 1100-1150 PvP full vends and Signus weapons tournament
10 fortunes participation award!
50 fortunes for the winning team!
~ You can start assembling your team ~

you will provide your own buffs, blue luna is not allowed
boosters will be given when we start

Team leaders read the Rules and help maintain order.
if your team fail to follow instruction they will be removed from event
you MUST read the instruction below before entering the games!

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Unique and Sunset Event

The event has come to an end.

All durability taken prior to the start of the event have been mailed back. The mails were sent to the “bottom” so that a full mailbox does not prevent access to them.

The Durability “refund” from bought event items and Fortunes for broken items will be mailed out in the next 24-48 hours in the same manner. Fortune and Durability refund mails have been sent.

Upgrading Prize winners

  • IvankaTrump with a 15-17-11-26(69) Measure
  • Ebisu with a 17-12-15-25(69) Pair of Gloves
  • Sindragosa with a 17-15-13-24(69) Measure


  • LastResort with a 16-18-20-25(79) Necklace
  • Lyrondak with a 11-22-22-24(79) Ring

There were no 80+ event items made.

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Leveling Event

A 10 days leveling event!

For every 100 levels you will get 2 fortunes
For every 500 levels you will get 10 fortunes
For every 1000 levels you will get 25 fortunes and 5 1-0-0-0-0 orbs
For every 1k+ level you will get an extra 2 tokens

Top 5 players(account linked) who does the most levels
will pick a char to get 100 hours of full boosters and buffs!
Winners: ksa1, HelpMeRun, Bullwinkle, SasukeUch1ha, yaomei3
send ingame mail to GCDank with the char you want 100 hours of buffs and boosters

at the end of the event every char who did 500+ levels during the time frame will participate in a raffle for 25 gift box!
anyone can win anything! the list is down below