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Fun Weekend-Round 2

When the Buzzer hits 0 you will have 24 hours to do your best!

2 players with the most levels get 1-0-0-0-0 ring and 15 fortunes.
The char with the most upgrading points get 5x 1-0-0-0-0 orbs and 25 fortunes (based on amounts and items level)

JoeExotic wins first upgrading round!
Mortimer and Natalie wins first leveling round!

Missc7 wins second upgading round!
Heron and Ezeji wins second leveling round!

May Shapeshift Event!

We will hold a ShapeShift event starting May 1
Use the global command !!!shapeshift to open from the game or open form your browser here:

Please remember, stats will not be reset if you are logged in and may become locked if you switch between different characters.

For stats reset and honor change you need to use the link above or !!!shapeshift in game while loggd off

For faster switching, without the need to enter account info.
Any combination of !!!shapeshift or !!!ss with a partial character class will trigger a shapeshift without a need for the web form.

!!!ss azl
!!!ss desty
!!!ss luna

These changes take effect upon your next map change and will not change your character stats and honor. You must still use the web form (while logged off) to do stats reset and honor change.

Have fun!

PvP Event

We are having a level 1100-1150 PvP full vends and and sig weapons
tournaments this weekend ~ April 26 ~
Last man standing will receive 25 Fortunes + A lot of Glory and Respect!
~  You can start assembling your team  ~

this week special twist: only Protyne P and 1 small visyne per team, no buffs and 1 blue luna per team is allowed

Leader of the winning team will receive 50 fortunes to spread equally among his team
Team leaders read the Rules and help maintain order.
if your team fail to follow instruction they will be removed from event
you can see down below a Q&A that should answer all your questions.

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PvP Event