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2021 Auction – Happy New Year!


January 23-26 To be, or not to be.
for every sunset/orb break, you will win 1 fortune
for every 6 sunset/orb breaks, you will win 1x 1-0-0-0-0 orb
Breaking Count

January 30, 4:00PM/16:00 GMT +0 is when we will have the auction.
Auction location: Street3, Studio1.
Auction Rules:
1. Consolidate your tickets to one character’s bank.
2. The tickets will be automatically moved to your character’s F3 when we begin.
3. Tickets will be locked to your character in order to prevent transfers between players during auction.
4. Items will be announced with a starting price.
5. Players bid for themselves using the map shout/yellow chat (anything else won’t count).
6. If you are found bidding more than you own, you will be kicked from auction.
7. Winners will be moved to event map to drop their tickets.
8. Auction rewards will be sent via mail at the end of the event.

Auction items list:
5 x Tamas Set (Tamas/Rajas/Largesse)
5 x Selion Set (Selion/Noas/Elein/Slipheed)
3 x Ring Set (Aquarine/Graupnel/Topaz)
1 x Every Unique Weapon
3 x Jupiter Set (Jupiter/Tears of Heliades)
3 x Fresh Breeze
3 x Spirit of Minerva
4 x Minerva’s Tears
2 x Minerva’s Blessings
2 x Minerva’s Robe
3 x ChipX-9
3 x ChipY-9
2 x Parcae’s Buckle
1 x Parcae’s Plate
1-2 Erinyes
1-0-0-0-0 sunsets and orbs

*more items might be added during auction
*some will be sold as set and some separately Continue reading 2021 Auction – Happy New Year!

~Black Friday 2020~

In the next 24 hours with every donation you’ll receive a bonus!
for every 10$ 10 Fortunes Bonus
for every 50$ 100 Fortunes Bonus

forward the confirmation mail from PayPal to
Add your full name and character name


The event has ended, check your mailbox for fortunes.

2 Fortunes for every 100 levels
1 Fortune for every 10bill exp used in upgrading
20 fortunes bonus for any st3 made during event
50 fortunes bonus for any st4 made during event

*ss can be any stage or level when event start but needs to go at least 1 stage up during event to count.
*broken ss will count for st3/4 bonus

Good luck everyone