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Unique and Sunset Event – May2019

The Event has come to an end. Event rewards can be claimed at your mailbox.

Due to a lower than unexpected number of 69/79 items some last minute adjustments to the token awards were made.

Item break awards were increased: 5 Tokens @ 49, 10 Tokens @ 59, and 120 Tokens @ 69 (same as keeping the item).
All Unique Equipment bought from the Sahara1 Trader have also been refunded (1/3rd buy price) in tokens.

Winners of the Additional Prizes:

  • PullShades420 14-24-20-21 (79) Necklace
  • Justine 12-17-14-26 (69) Creationer
  • tgbus 17-13-14-25 (69) Manus
  • DeathStroke 18-16-11-24 (69) Manus

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Did someone say I need tokens?

It’s time for a tokens boost and some fun on the way
with grinding the Earth and Space for experience.

for every 100 levels you do on every char during the 6 days time frame you get 20 tokens and 2 fortunes

every 500 levels you’ll get a double up

level 1-100 = 20 tokens + 2 fortunes
level 200-600 = 400 levels = 80 tokens + 8 fortunes
level 1-500 = 200 tokens + 20 fortunes
level 200-1000 = 800 levels = 260 tokens + 26 fortunes
level 1-1000 = 600 tokens + 60 fortunes
i hope it’s clear enough

start: 8:00 GMT+0    3/4/2019
End:  8:00 GMT+0     3/10/2019  ___  prizes will be calculated at that time.
low possibility of extantion with a lower rate 😛

*The Garage Sale is still running hot!

garage sale

Uniques  VS  Fortunes

Garage sale will End on April 30.
20% discount on all uniques
At the end we’ll allow trading durability for fortunes (Rate unknown)

Next month will be a Huge Event with something to gain for everyone!

item – price in fortunes/discount price – amount avaliable
Infrascope  30/24 0/3 SOLD OUT
Nagrepar  30 0/3
God of War 30/24 3/3
Fresh Breeze 150/120 2/3

Spirit of Minerva 75/60 2/5
Minerva’s Robe 100/80 0/3
Minerva’s Blessings 150/120 0/3
Minerva’s Tears 200 0/5
Tamas 50/40 5/5
Rajas 50/40 5/5
Largesse 50/40 5/5
Selion 75/60 5/5
Noas 75/60 5/5
Slipheed 75/60 5/5
Elein 75/60 5/5
Jupiter Plate 225/1800/2
Tears of Heliades 225/180 0/2
Graupnel 225 0/3 
Topaz 225/180 0/3
Aquarine 225/180 0/3
Parcae’s Buckle 300/240 0/2
Parcae’s Plate 2500/2000 0/1
Madness Gun 850/680 0/1
Sword of Aeolus 850/680 1/1
Wand of Gaia 850/680 0/1
Spear of Ares 850/680 0/1
Nemesis Bow 850/680 1/1
Rage Of Erinyes 2000 0/1 
Will Of Erinyes 2800 0/1 

*send ingame mail to GCDank clarifies what item and exact number of fortunes (not instant mail)


~~ONLY when buying  uniques you’ll get a 10 fortnuess
discount for  every 50 durability you send~~


Shapeshift event

UPDATE: The Event has ended.
Global Warps are available to allow for honor changing

  • !!!honor
  • !!!st2
  • !!!fv

(planned to end on January 27th)

It is on
you know what to do

*shout ingame !!!shapeshift
*or click on this link ShapeShift

to reset stats you need to be off your account when shapeshifting

Fortune Event

In this event you’ll have to figure out your own path to Glory


prizes will be based on activity log, buffing, lvling, upg, breaking and more.

First Prize:  Unique Weapon of choice(bow) + 35 Redmoon Fortunes + 300 Tokens SLSgazer

Second Prize: 100 Redmoon Fortunes + 500 Tokens C1ive

Third Prize:  40 Redmoon Forutunes + 240 Tokens BRex

Fourth Prize:  20 Redmoon Fortunes + 200 of every booster Yuina

Fifth Prize:  5 Redmoon Fortunes + 200 of every booster Minions

mails have been sent with prizes

The event will end on the 24th and during this time I will be adding the general result and send awards to winners


have fun ya’ll



ShapeShift Event

We’re running a ShapeShift Event from now until September 24th (00:00 GMT+0).
You may use the global command !!!shapeshift or open the form in your browser here:

Please remember, stats will not be reset if you are logged in and may become locked if you switch between different characters (however, honor changing while logged in works now). All characters will revert to their original after the event ends and we will allow honor-only changes for a time.

We’ll be updating the global command later in the week to allow faster switching, without the need to enter account info.
There are a few more things in the works that should be ready in the near future as well, stay tuned!

Update: Shortcuts have been made for the global command.

Any combination of !!!shapeshift or !!!ss with a partial character class and/or honor will now trigger a shapeshift without a need for the web form.

  • !!!shapeshift red phil
  • !!!ss azl bl
  • !!!ss desty
  • !!!ss luna blue

These changes take effect upon your next map change and will not change your character stats. You must still use the web form (while logged off) to do stat resets.

The Event has ended. All characters have been changed back to their original class and honor.

Poison Pills have been mailed to all event participants and the global warps !!!st2 and !!!honor have been turned on to allow anyone to quickly change or regain their honor points.

Any characters that have not reset abnormal stats by the time Poison Pills shade (1 week) will be force reset and moved to Street2 Hospital.


Upgrading event

We are having a simple Upgrading event.

points count starts at 20/8/18 00:00 (GMT+0)
and will end on 31/8/18 00:00 (GMT+0)

player who gain the most upgrading points (based on the ss lvl)
Wins: 300 tokens + 100 dura + 1-0-0-0-0 ss of choice
Shades won!!!

player who gain the most upgrading points (linked to email)
meaning we are linking exp to the account e-mail so if you play more then one char we’ll count it as well
Wins: 500 tokens + 100 dura + 1-0-0-0-0 ss of choice
Shades won!!!

player who breaks the most items
Wins: 100 golden apples
DeathStroke won!!!


Good Luck everyone

End of Unique and Sunset Event

Thank you to all event participants, we’ve had a noticeable rise in average online activity for the last month. As mentioned before, all of the event uniques and event sunsets are being removed. However, any Catalyst Chambers bought from the trader, Chip items upgraded using event items, and the remaining durability will remain as they are.

Any player who had their durability removed prior to the event will find them returned in a new Mail (check the first entry/bottom of your mailboxes).

Event changes that are to remain until further notice:

  • Catalyst Chambers in the Sahara1 Trader.
  • The Alchemist Formula for Amnesia Greens disabled.
  • New Wyverns in School Dungeon 3 and drop changes favoring Durability over Protection (no boosters now).
  • Durability drops in high level maps that were previously missing.

If you believe a real item was mistakenly removed from your character, please send an in-game mail to GCSirin.

Mini Event (New)

Upgreading Mini Event ! ! !
We’re having a few mini events with awesome prizes!


First player to upgrade an event st4 ss to level 69 win  ~Toguro won~
50 Tokens + 50 Dura

First player to upgrade an event st4 ss to level 79 win ~Vormov won~
150 Tokens + real ss 0-0-0-0-0 of choice

First player to break 30 ss/event ss/orbs win  ~BORN2PORN won~
Catalyst Chamber

First player to do 1000 lvls on ss/event ss/orbs win  ~Halp won~
100FQ + 100FC + 100 Dura + 4bill gold

First player to do 2000 lvls on ss/event ss/orbs win  ~Halp won~
10 Clear orbs + 120 Tokens + Catalyst Chamber

First player to reach 22,000 points by upgrading win  ~Halp won~
120 tokens + 200FQ + 200FC + 4bill

First player to reach 66,000 points by upgrading win  ~Halp won~
550 Tokens + real 1-0-0-0-0 ss of choice + 200 FQ + 200 FC

** Pointing system is based on the level of the sunset
** 100 Tokens to any additional mini event win after the first one
** Timer started a few hours ago

Winners of sunsets Please sent GCDank ingame mail with what item you want.

I will mail everything ingame so make sure your mail is clear

TY everyone for playing

Unique and Sunset Event

We are holding a month-long Unique and Sunset event that will hopefully give everyone a chance to try something new.

‘Superior’ sunset items are dropping across all Signus maps (including Himalayan Summit)

  • drop with clear (0-0-0-0-0) stats
  • carry the same attack and defense bonuses as real Stage-4 items but will retain their ‘0’ stage number
  • benefit from a lower breaking chance compared other staged items

Sahara 1 Tradeshop has been updated to include nearly every equipable unique

  • Durability drop rates are greatly increased
  • Alchemist’s Amnesia Green formula has been temporarily disabled
  • Existing durability are temporarily removed from play, These will be returned at the conclusion of the event

All of these items (sunsets,uniques bought from trader, and durability) will be removed after the event.

Free protection will be provided for the duration of the event as they will not be for sale in the trader.

It is highly recommended that players do NOT make trades involving uniques during the event. If necessary, request a staff member to verify the legitimacy of a trade.

Finally, prizes will be given based on activity and achievements during the event.