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    AirJig (Shades)

    Hey, does anyone have a screenshot of the alchemist formulas? Figured it’d be a good thing to have up on the forums, especially now that is down. I never took a screenshot because I figured I could always go there lol.



    I’m also interested in this information. Please someone provide some at least.



    “Alchemist” Formulas:

      10,000,000 gold –> Amnesia Green

      10x A-vend [Shield/Glove/Boots/etc] + Radiation of Saturnus –> [Shield/Gloves/Boots/etc] of Saturnus
      10x C-vend [Shield/Glove/Boots/etc] + Radiation of Mars –> [Shield/Gloves/Boots/etc] of Mars

      Chip [X/Y]-[0-3] + Chip Core –> Chip [X/Y]-[1-4]
      2x Chip [X-Y]-4 –> Chip [X/Y]-5
      Chip [X/Y]-[5-7] + 2x Chip Core –> Chip [X/Y]-[6-8]
      2x Chip [X/Y]-8 –> Chip [X/Y]-9

      30 Tokens –> Account Transfer Code
      50 Tokens –> Character Rename Code

    Somewhat related — “Kasham” is used for orb transfers:

      Upgraded Orb + Catalyst Chamber + Clear Sunset –> Sunset with Orb’s Stats

    There are more Alchemist formulas that I’ve forgotten and never used.



    Thanks for the answer merc7492. Also I belive email from support for forgoten account/password is not working for hotmail.

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