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    AirJig (Shades)

    Hey, does anyone have a screenshot of the alchemist formulas? Figured it’d be a good thing to have up on the forums, especially now that is down. I never took a screenshot because I figured I could always go there lol.


    I’m also interested in this information. Please someone provide some at least.


    “Alchemist” Formulas:

      10,000,000 gold –> Amnesia Green

      10x A-vend [Shield/Glove/Boots/etc] + Radiation of Saturnus –> [Shield/Gloves/Boots/etc] of Saturnus
      10x C-vend [Shield/Glove/Boots/etc] + Radiation of Mars –> [Shield/Gloves/Boots/etc] of Mars

      Chip [X/Y]-[0-3] + Chip Core –> Chip [X/Y]-[1-4]
      2x Chip [X-Y]-4 –> Chip [X/Y]-5
      Chip [X/Y]-[5-7] + 2x Chip Core –> Chip [X/Y]-[6-8]
      2x Chip [X/Y]-8 –> Chip [X/Y]-9

      30 Tokens –> Account Transfer Code
      50 Tokens –> Character Rename Code

    Somewhat related — “Kasham” is used for orb transfers:

      Upgraded Orb + Catalyst Chamber + Clear Sunset –> Sunset with Orb’s Stats

    There are more Alchemist formulas that I’ve forgotten and never used.


    Thanks for the answer merc7492. Also I belive email from support for forgoten account/password is not working for hotmail.


    Update: As of recently I believe the Account Transfer and Rename Code costs have been reduced to
    > Transfer code: 6 tokens
    > Rename code: 10 tokens

    Since tokens have been harder to come by for a while. It’s come up several times in game recently, and I wanted to put this somewhere that I wouldn’t forget and where others could see it.

    Please correct me if I’m wrong about the costs or have them swapped, of course.

    GC Dank

    And you can find more interesting formulas here:

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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