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    So I am curious about the drop rates for apples. What kind of drop rates do they have and are they the same for all maps?

    examples being
    4 apples drop in a map a hour.
    every X number of kills in a map can drop an apple.
    apples have X chance to drop.

    Also do apples spawn on mobs? Like if its time for an apple to drop will it choose a mob and stay on it till its killed? Or is it more that when its chosen to drop it only happens when a mob is killed? Because some corner mobs are annoying to get and some are also trapped.

    The reason I ask this is so I can mix finding apple efficency with leveling. I tried leveling in anatu and found 0 apples. That said sky maps have lots of shit in the way and although in thought I was being carful and checking closly to monitor the rate I could easily miss still. But then I go to fv which is a way smaller and easier to farm map and they seem to drop like candy. It just seemed that based on map size and difficutly isnt adjusted and all maps have same style and level of drops? Probably is wrong but I was hoping to learn more info.


    I wondered about this too. I also think that more apples were dropping before the event started, but maybe I’m just getting unlucky.


    I don’t know the exact details, but I believe it’s a simple random, across-server drop algorithm that’s timer-based. So (for ex.) a timer randomly goes off and an apple is queued up to drop, so the next monster killed anywhere in the game drops it. Again, it may not work exactly like this, but I think it’s effectively accurate. So really the only thing you can do to increase your odds is to play more/kill more monsters, or level at times when fewer people are on and hope to get lucky with the random timers.

    It actually used to be less truly random and was changed a few events ago to work this way to be more fair/unpredictable. If it seems like they dropped more before the event, I bet it’s just because there was much less competition. I seem to be finding them a fair amount more often than I was the last time I was on much a few months ago for what it’s worth.

    – Gushy

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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