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    Hello all. Wanted to start playing redmoon again. Wanted to know how to get my account back. Was hack/jacked of my account and uniques a few years back. I didnt attempt to recover anything since it wasnt fun playing without gear. So now I want to get started back up. Can someone point me in the right direction?



    Might reconsider whether it’s worth coming back. <5 people per day log in and 95% of the armies are controlled by one person who controls both halls. For nostalgia, ok, but otherwise doesn’t make much sense imo.

    GCSirin (merc7492) seems to run the show now so I would touch base with him to check on stuff. Info should be on main page.



    True. and even 5 people is a lot lately. Ive had days that most of the time i was the only one online, ending up without any help or rescue.
    It seems most ppl only come online during events and whan event ended they just dont play..


    AirJig (Shades)

    You may be able to recover your account, but i’m afraid you will most likely be out of luck with the uniques. Uniques get wiped after a few months worth of inactivity anyway, so even if they hadn’t got jacked they would be gone anyway.

    Even if the server isn’t super populated all of the time, it’s still fun to play like it was back then. I have fun anyways :p

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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