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    Any tips on the best character or two to level first, in order to farm the necessary resources/items for other characters? I’ve read through a ton of the wiki, and am currently thinking that I’ll level a Sadad and/or Jarexx first for learning the game and farming, then move to mages afterward. Any info is appreciated!



    Hello and welcome to the server!
    Sadad is life of poking until you are lvl 350, and is still you will be slow even after that lvl. Guillotine at lvl 250 doesn’t help a lot cos that is very short range skill. I wouldn’t recommend him as first unles you are patient single hitting everything until first AoE at lvl 800.
    Jarexx is little easier but not a lot, lvl 100 Fighting Spirit is quite weak you will wait a while until it start to 1 hit easier mobs, you can kill at range at lvl 250 with Javelin but you gona be missing quite a lot and first aoe skill you get at lvl 400 wich is nice but not very wide.
    I think that easiest to lvl is Azlar or Philar,
    Azlar can already aoe at lvl 50, with Ice Rain not very strong skill but it gets you to 150 fast and Hatred at lvl 150 that is strong and decent range skill. You gona be single hitting until lvl 500 tho
    Philar on the other hand don’t have any aoe until lvl 400(but his aoe is very wide and you gona love it) you gona have slow steady lvling with Soul Sphere and at 200 you will lvl probably quicker than Azlar due to Psychic Punch huge range and strength.
    I need to mention Kitara as well, they are good buffers but also very nice to farm since they get one of best aoe skills at lvl 800 and decent aoe at lvl500, good thing about them is that they are like you would had infinite amount of quickness and can refresh stamina(as blue) which means they always can run, problem is that kits are quite slow to lvl until 400. Probably quickest way for solo lvling would be to gun down everything till lvl 200 and then Mistress Vampire mobs (you can easly reset your stats buying white Poison pill for 1 durability), after 400 it is lot easier still single target till lvl500. After you gona be like a wind.
    Do not think of who to lvl first cos you want farm resources pick who you like most, we have nice community that surely would help out with signus rares if that’s what you thinking as resources farming, I could help as well just first need to get to lvl600 to wear them 😉
    Ask if have more questions
    Have fun in playing!



    If you are interested in being successful PvP (player v player) than Luna and Jarexx are two strongest, most useful characters. Leveling Luna is easy and fast (bow /w high dex to 200) then ppill to high strength and use sword and be red honor for Dark sword. AoE at 350 and you are golden.

    Jarexx much slower but doable. Strength the whole way with higher dex starting out.

    Destino very strong attack pvp but very weak. Fairly quick leveling. Use same guide as Luna except stay bow to 300. Red honor.

    Canon strong pvp but slow leveling to 700.

    Lavita strong attack but weak pvp. Fairly easy to level (wand & spirit to 400) then switch to dex.

    Mages level fast but are useless pvp with current setup.

    Sadad is a character to level well down the road. Mediocre pvp attack but strong taking hits.

    Mail Ryer if you need anything and I’ll try and help you out!

    Good luck.



    Great information! Thanks to you both for the perspective. I have poked with a Sadad (248), Canon (100 w/ TOW Launcher +1k Dex), and Destino (150), but I’ll likely let those chill and start up a mage to see that side of things. Philar was my favorite on Diosa, so I’ll give him a spin here.

    Thanks again!


    GC Dank

    I agree with the guys here.

    also i’d make a nice kit and phil for egg and sl
    that will help you a lot lvling your main char



    Usually if you global shout for egg our alliance is willing to egg/SL wherever you might be. That will hopefully help in not having to launch a kit & Philar prior to your main but he is right they are incredibly helpful in the long run.


    AirJig (Shades)

    I would also agree that kitara and philar are the best two to start with. Having your own egg and SL is invaluable and makes leveling all other characters that much easier. After kit and philar you could go any route and have a good advantage leveling. High level blue kit is arguably one of the best for farming anything besides summit. Jarexx is probably the best to farm summit once you are geared, canon before that with selion and an M9. Again, make sure to shout if you need help, a lot of the players around here are looking for someone to help out.

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