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    Odd problem. I played earlier today and had no issues. Then I log in on my destino and he can’t attack or use skills. Everything else seems to be fine (I have two unused bp’s I can’t use but that may be from shapeshift event.)

    Anyone know what causes this issue? It is now happening to all of my characters so I can’t play.



    I’ve heard about this problem from a number of people in the past but have yet to experience it myself to troubleshoot it. To my knowledge, this is entirely client-side and it’s likely that you won’t have this problem playing on a different computer (I know that’s not at all a solution *sadface*). Some people also had the problem disappear for no apparent reason.

    If you can answer the following that would be very helpful:

    1. What version of Windows are you using to play? (tbh, anything newer than 7 is painful to use for redmoon and anything older probably shouldn’t be used anymore)
    2. Did any windows updates occur prior to your skills becoming unusable? (reaching a bit here)
    3. Any new programs installed or updated? (I will assume no for this)
    4. Have you tried with no other programs open? (I will assume yes for this)
    5. Did you “turn it off and on again”? (I’ve learned to never _not_ ask this)
    6. If you have or can create another computer User/Login Account, can you see if the problem remains when playing under that? (I actually only care about this one)

    Oh, and if you give me the character names, I will gladly reset the bugged shapeshift stats for you.



    Well it was solved by the simple method of restarting my computer. But why does this problem appear? Nothing changed in between gameplay where it was fine, and it wasn’t. My thought was sometimes my laptop has issues with wifi when I log off and back on (some issue with ip conflicts) but seemingly if it made me go offline, I wouldn’t be able to connect to the server at all. It definitely didn’t seem laggy. Plus, I could still drop items or check mail and things like that.

    So basically, if you have this problem, restart your computer first.

    And my character that needs stats reset is RevolverOcelot. Thanks in advance!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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