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    Chip-0 + Chip core ==> Chip-1
    Chip-1 + Chip core ==> Chip-2
    Chip-2 + Chip core ==> Chip-3
    Chip-3 + Chip core ==> Chip-4
    2x Chip-4 + Chip core ==> Chip-5
    Chip-5 + 2x Chip core ==> Chip-6
    Chip-6 + 2x Chip core ==> Chip-7
    Chip-7 + 2x Chip core ==> Chip-8
    2x Chip-8 + 5x Chip core ==> Chip-9



    That’s an elaborate recipe.
    You need that many items to make a chip 9?
    What are the stats on that end result then?



    Do you have any more information on this?

    Where do they drop? How do you upgrade? How do you wear use them? Are they armor?



    Chips can drop in a few different places. boss spy dungeon can drop low level ones I think.. you can get higher level ones in sky dun. I’m sure there are more places that someone else can fill in.
    you upgrade them with the formulas stripper posted by mailing all of that to the alchemist.
    The chips take up the 2 bottom left slots in equipment, that are only for chips.



    You mail to a character called “Alchemist”? When you do this will you automatically get mailed back? Or does someone actually have to go to the mail and send it to you? Could you be waiting a long time?

    Ok. So you get one type of chips from the impossible maps and the others are the only thing you can buy with durabilities?



    it is mailed back inmediately. and they can also drop in dun1 too. and chip cores can be bought with duras at the trader.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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