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    what do I have to do in order to download redmoon successfully onto my computer.. ive tried many times unsuccessfully



    Also, I have windows 10 home edition, how do I change my computer settings for redmoon to make it run better, I know you can make the name tags better and whatever else, any information to get me back and running at full capactity would be awesome please.
    been about 2 years since I played



    RM will not run in Win 10 so you have to run through a VM. Several (including myself) use Virtual Box.



    would you explain how I do that please? appreciate it



    1) Install “VMWare” or any other Virtual workstations like virtual box.
    2) Install Windows XP on the Virtual Machine
    3)Download and Install Redmoon on Window XP (Virtual Machine)

    And you’re ready to roll… xD


    GC Dank

    RM can run on win10….
    only on full screen and with a few bugs but it should work.

    I do agree that VM with XP/win7 is the best solution



    well maybe im downloading wrong or something… but it wont load when I download redmoon and try to open it.

    the one patch of the 2 on the main page, wont download because it says my computer found a virus in it. maybe that’s why it wont work?



    and I was watching a youtube video on how to set up an OS on virtualbox and it looks pretty intense..
    I wouldn’t know how to do that I don’t think

    I just wanna keep it simple. and download and play redmoon..

    I miss my 900 toons

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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