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    this army tax just to have an army has no in game system warning so my army has disbanded, this isn’t fair to us as we have no idea when to pay and have to check every week. can you please add either a warning mail or get rid of it please

    wolverines army has been disbanded because of this and I don’t think its fair. now I have to bring down all of my characters once again to re-make, then bring them back up, then try and get everyone back on so I can re-add them to the army and then re-form our alliance, we lost our points

    also months ago I posted we lost our hall, it was paid for, no war declared on us yet it was taken away and the hall is now in that Chinese alliance’s hands, so all the items I had in the vault were stolen basically

    now that I am somewhat back, I am asking again to make whats fair is fair since nothing was done back then

    I am also still waiting for my destino MrJammers – to be fixed so he is back to being a red destino instead of a blue sadad

    my sadad, revan, back to a blue sadad instead of a blue azlar

    thank you

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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