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    So I’ve been Google diving for information on this game, for nostalgia purposes. I’m just curious if anyone can give me a history on it. What year did Diosa go down? Olympus? When did Redmoon finally go down in Korea? Was there ever any official statement about it? Did we ever get to know more about the author of the series that led to the game? I just feel like there are people involved with the creation of this whole thing and we never got a chance to know the faces and names behind it all. It just seems so mysterious. Am I just not looking in the right places? Do I have to know Korean to get that information? Did anybody ever translate the comics?

    Just trying to drum up some discussion.


    We were just discussing this the other day. RMC has been up for 11 years next month, that got us thinking about when Diosa went down. I believe it was 2002 but I’m not 100% sure.


    June 2003 afaik on Diosa. Oly was before this.
    Mina Hwang wrote Redmoon in the 80s.
    The first 6 volumes were released in print when the game got big, and are simply amazing. A member of RMC translated volume 7.

    Btw, Aguilas is a 90s-style wire frame XD


    I found a date about Korean Redmoon going down 12/27/06, but then another source that was dated around 2007 said it was still going strong.


    That was probably one of the short-lived foreign servers.


    Sorry for the necropost, but I was also curious on the history of Redmoon and via The Internet Archive Wayback Machine, I found this:

    Closure of Redmoon services
    admin | 01/09/04 @ 16:45
    Hello Redmooners!

    EdenII will no longer be hosting Redmoon Diosa as from today, 1st September 2004.

    There is no guaranteed solution to resolve several issues related to Redmoon Diosa. After much discussion between us and JCE, we finally came to a decision to stop hosting Redmoon services on our part. All Diosa related records will be returned to JCE, so we will not be able to participate in future Redmoon related issues.

    Thereafter, JCE reserves full rights to decisions related to the hosting of Diosa.

    We hope your stay with us in Redmoon Diosa was enjoyable and memorable.


    If I remember correctly, the servers went down for extended maintenance, but the website and forums were still functional, and then the announcement came as no real surprise by the time they made it.


    Diosa was a mess by the time it closed.


    I know it’s a bit late to post in this old thread, but Diosa wasn’t really down for “maintenance”.
    The server got hacked and in the end the entire DB with usernames, passwords and secret questions was taken from it. The GM’s were told there were some serious security issues in the server software and they forwarded them to JCE, since they didn’t have the rights/knowledge to make patches for the server themselves. They were waiting (and hoping) JCE would release a fix for the issues but it didn’t work out that way.
    JCE hardly responded to any problems or issues in the software and it appeared they weren’t interested in fixing the security issues.

    Since the current serversoftware was compromised beyond repair and all userdata was stolen (and even the official GM’s got hacked) , it was impossible to bring the server back online and there was no other solution than pulling the plug on Diosa (and later all other servers)

    (fun fact: it’s partially thanks to those security issues and hacks that this site was brought to life) 🙂

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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