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    Is the server just running for free? Or does it still require payments? And if it requires payments, is it just relying on an old donation account and autobill until the money runs out?

    If I dig hard enough I can usually find another server running, but even those only have the person running it online. Or nobody. And there are stretches of time where that’s true here as well now. I feel like we’re coming to the finish line for good now, but I could be wrong.

    It really is a testament that this game didn’t die all the way back in 2004 (Diosa) or 2007 (Korea). I would personally keep this thing up as a trophy if I were Raven, just for the sake of it, if the costs are low or don’t exist (or give people a way to donate). It would always be nice to have a place to come back to remember the past.


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    Used the Wayback Machine to pull up the final days of the old Redmoon website. Some of the links still work too, sometimes you have to go backward in time to get the forums to work. Interesting stuff. Game went down May 13 2004. Forums got taken down in August. Finally gave up the ghost in September.

    Here’s the final image of the Korean Redmoon website. Wondering if any Koreans can translate that, but it seems obvious what it says. 1997-2006 is the official lifespan of the public servers. December 2006 shows the last image of the actual game site.

    Classic has been going on 14-15 years now. Amazing.

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    Classic has been online longer than the original, amazing.

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