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    i am wondering how do i open up two redmoon clients


    Run it and select the options you want. I play in windowed [alt mod] and to open additional windows, I just relaunch the client over and over. I’m on windows 7 and need to switch to 16 bit color mode to get the windows to not be black. I don’t know how other operating systems function with this, so if you need more help than that, hopefully somebody else comes in here.


    I use the same as Mushroom. Windows 10 is a problem, as soon as you minimalize a redmoon client the curser and text will go wrong.

    Some people use a VM program to open a windows XP on their windows 10 machine. I myself use a old laptop with windows 7 on it.

    important notes:
    – use RMModder
    – use windows 7 or earlier machine (or a windows VM program)
    – set colors on 16 bit
    – disable windows ‘ClearType’ so you can see the correct honor color in the names

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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