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    Don’t Panic admin’s. You have not been hacked…
    Although I don’t play as much as I used to; I would like to run around -killing people- like I used to.
    No, I won’t tell you my hiding spot.

    So, I’m taking over. I’m setting up my own kill frenzy. Perhaps it will coincide with your little renkidink exp modifiers weekends or whatever..

    The date is set. Once more for Redmoon. All shall perish. All shall die.

    Be there, or be square. Frenches.

    you’ll know when it hit’s.


    LMFAO! Challenge accepted!


    lol! for me, yeah. Hiding in the trees around the junkyard and picking off the newbs, being around lvl 250 was fun as F***. Then you’d get groups and they’d hunt you, that was fun. And sometimes they wouldn’t be newbs at all. They’d go and get they’re lvl 500 to 700 toons and come and obliterate me.
    I hope something similar to this is in the new redmoon 2.0.


    Yeah, that was classic classic Redmoon. I mean, the really classic version, where earth armor was spread out to level 950, vends/sunsets didn’t exist, Hima was the final map, skills only went to level 500, missing was prevalent. I mean, I could cast Hatred 7 times before hitting once.

    People would spend a lot of time in the Junkyard leveling because Snipers healed three times, so leveling there was faster unless you could one hit, which most melee couldn’t do. Grouping divided the experience in a way that nobody wanted to do it, so no leeching, lower spawn rates, and lots of kill stealing (KSers, you don’t see those complaints anymore)

    People would tap out and hang in the Street 2 BA, start a new character, or PK in the Junkyard/Backyard. The game was designed in a way that those early maps were always full. Nowadays, you blitz the early level maps. Starting a new character, you could have it on Signus within the week that you start it.


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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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