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    i never get a response from world chat. i never got into this server until now because i didn’t want to build everything back to the way i had it in Diosa until now. i thought i would give it a try and it seems like this is a single player game now (boring). is this still active or are people just ignoring the community and keeping to themselves on the server? i have been playing for a bit and got to lvl 300 but it sucks leveling alone with no active community. the best i have seen was a team killing MGs with a tank in dun1 who all had a similar name wich lead me to believe they were all the same person’s characters but they wouldn’t respond and it seemed like a bot… i don’t know. i guess what im hoping from this post is to have people tell me they still play here and i’m not just wasting time. i’m tired of playing other servers that have an active player base but go down within a few months and never come back.


    People still play, but sometimes it can feel like you’re the only person on. Sometimes there’s a decent group of people on, nothing too crazy though tbh lol


    Honestly, I can’t believe this game still has a functioning presence. I mean, it’s not that far from being 20 years old. This game is old enough to go to war or be in a porno.


    How to you get into the game!?!? I’ve created an account, verified the account, logged in on the site & run the game but when I go to login it continues to tell me I’m not registered? Loved this game YEARS ago when on Diosa… would love to play it once again if I can ever get into it…..


    Not sure if this is your problem or not, but just to make sure, are you aware that website and game accounts are separate? You need to create one of each if you want to post here and play in game. Hopefully that helps…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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