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    Just reached level 700, and I have no idea where to level now. I did 600-700 on Signus and FV. Only problem on FV are the supers, I can barely take 2 hits from them. I’m playing a Philar, red honor and wearing full C-Vend, 2 regen rings, eternity ring and regen necklace. Stats are 2318-15850-3320-9800.

    I have some Sunset items, but I onderstand those are not as good as c-vends unless they get upgraded.


    I would suggest to switch those 2 regen rings with 2 e-rings but make sure you still 1 hit FV and keep grinding there. Just don’t let supers hit you that much (use quicks). Not sure for future stats tho.


    ^ I think you overestimate the degree to which a player on their first level 700 character can afford or access a large supply of Quicks and other boosters, I think about this all the time. Something about Redmoon that kind of sucks is how expensive everything is and how much of a wall you kinda hit at 600 on your first character. It drains most of the money you’d have made up until that point just getting the armor you need to go to sig unless you’ve been selling all your boosters (which is what I did). Then you’ve got the armor, but not really a lot of gold left and you’re kinda starting from scratch at this point.

    I know this because I’m in the weird spot where I’m like 700-800 on my highest level characters and while I can comfortably afford most of my needs at this point, I definitely can’t afford a bunch of quicks/anubs/carbs or whatever so I tend to only level when autobuffs are on. And you don’t really gain access to the “real” economy where you’ve got orbs/sunsets/unis to trade for supplies until you’re leveling in the 1000+ map. You’re really just relying on your raw gold.

    Anyway to answer Niwrah: I’m using c-vends on my azlar and can take more than 2 hits from the supers with 10k power, so that seems kinda weird. Anyway you should be able to avoid taking hits from them. They don’t have much range, just avoid them. Also, you’re in kind of a shitty spot leveling wise. Content for Redmoon at this point starts to operate differently, it’s a little less about your raw level and a little bit more about what equipment you have access to at 700+ and especially 800+. There’s also just less content and you don’t get to travel to new maps every hundred levels or whatever like you used to. You’re more or less stuck on FV/SV and the easier Sky City maps until you have access to uniques (blue items) or a group that does. I think there are some characters that can handle it better than others but the mages are kinda stuck.


    c-vends and rings are easy to get, most will be given for free if you ask nicely. I really enjoyed leveling in FV, i did most my chrs there from 600-901. Only later when i got access to unies i went to sky maps/duns.

    Ive got every chr at level 1150 except for kitty and lavi and i found that philar/azzy are easy to level, only canon gets faster in the end.

    Back when i was playing it was pretty easy to get boosters, don’t know how it is now.

    Aim for stats with 1 regen ring and 2 erings so you can carry more food, as long as you can survive 1 hit from a super in FV/SV you should be fine, just hit and run.


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