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    I’m at about 150 with Destino and having trouble trying to figure out where to put stat points. The guide on the wiki says to put a lot more into Strength and completely stop increasing Dexterity at about 1400. Does strength increase gun damage for Destino? Will strength be necessary for skills later on? Do I really not need anymore dex the rest of the game?



    Yes, strength increases gun damage and yes it strength will determine how strong future skill attacks are. I think hallucination at 400 is strength or dex based (not 100% sure). You might try using a bow because he shoots the bow very fast and could be quicker. Also try and find someone to help you with quests so you can go to Sahara Dun 1 and group someone killing machine guns!


    id go dex untill 600+


    You never need more than that 1410 dexterity. Generally speaking from now on, power will be your level x10 as a general rule of thumb. (I always factor my stats without gear on even though those numbers are included in the character screen now, whereas they didn’t used to be). Your attack skills are pure strength-based. Stay red until 500+ when you’ll want to go blue for Evasion. After that you’ll get to 600 and remain blue for Silver Arrow, and your long haul to 800+ when you can finally switch back to red – if you want, the utility of being blue becomes hard to give up, even for that AoE. Hope that helps you a bit.

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