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    So on the higher maps I seen that dyaus has stonger mobs and better exp. I was wondering if it was the same for the signus maps, if they are worth leveling at all? or just go to FV. Is it always FV or is it good to ever more to anatu? I just don’t know any of map requirments or recommendations on where to level after. Since a lot has been added since I played and I think last time I played everyone just farmed signus maps and fv and sky dungeons wernt added


    Difficulty and experience-wise, the easiest Signus maps are AX, BX, CX, and DX. These all have the same monsters and exp, so about the same difficulty, but I think BX has the best spawn rate of the 4 maps by a slight margin. If FV is hard or slow because you don’t yet 1 hit and/or because of supers killing you, I’d recommend one of these 4 maps, probably BX, until you can 1 hit FV and either handle a super hit or avoid them (the spiders are fast!)

    After FV, the next map up is probably Signus Valley. I really like this map, but I think it’s often overlooked. You can get there from the top right of BX. The spawn is great (if you know where to find it) and exp is good. It’s a very large map and kind of maze-like, so if you don’t know your way around you can end up clearing the same areas over and over and not getting new spawn – my tip is to make sure to try to reach all areas of the bottom right and top right – spawn seems to often build up there. At least it’s hard to get permanently lost, as when you log out/in, it starts you right back at map entrance, which is a safe area, so it’s good for buffers and easy to restock in the nearby BX food shop.

    Next up is sky maps, Anatu, Bau, Cyrn, Dyaus. Based on some recent changes (that I believe are still in effect), they all had their spawn increased from their previously pitiful levels so they’re actually decent for leveling now. Anatu is the easiest, with Dyaus being the hardest. A&B have the same monster difficulty but B has higher spawn rate. And C&D are both higher spawn and higher difficulty and exp per monster. (See this post for the specifics: http://www.redmoonclassic.com/forums/topic/server-changelog-2019-09/)

    Hopefully that helps some, and good luck!
    – Gushy

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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