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    Hiya! I finally had the itch and re-dl’ed to hop on. Managed to get my account info and reset my account password, but still can’t log in game… I’m hoping to see my old characters from years ago, but am not having much luck. Is there any help available for this kinda issue? 🙁



    Private message GCSirin with your login/password details and what characters / rough levels were on there and he can help.



    When you say you “reset your password” do you mean your forum/website account? because these are completely separate from the game accounts.
    Game account password changes are made through http://support.redmoonclassic.com.

    If you have access to the emails linked to your old game accounts, try the recovery pages linked here: http://www.redmoonclassic.com/forums/topic/faq/.
    And if you don’t have access to old email accounts anymore but can remember what they were, PM me a list so I can verify details.



    I have a question, I am having problems downloading and installing redmoon for some reason. can I have some guidance in how to do so please..

    I have windows 10 home and I also would like to know how to change my settings into getting name tags in game play and actual gameplay better for running redmoon.

    been a while since I played, any advice would be helpful

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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