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    Hey guys its me USSJAnge from Diosa server and the who start and help start undyingdream redmoon. i became know recently on youtube and have thousands of followers. i plan to make a video trying to get people into the game and server but my problem is people with windows 10 pc. is there a fix for that yet? i can always make a video explaining it. but let me know so i can get these people into some old school redmoon. later guys and i hope to see yall on my youtube channel The Life of Mike. just search it. later. USSJAnge (Azlar)

    GC Dank

    Hi Mike,

    Many players in RMC use Virtual Machine to download win7-XP and play rmc window mode.

    you can lookup the forums for a guide.


    i plan to donate to this server and let people know on my channel. now let me ask you this. what can i do to let my subs know to donate directly. ? i may add it in my patreon for yall. im serious about the help of this server and redmoon2. Michael Ange aka USSJAnge.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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