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    hi guys,

    after many years absent, now i’m back playing Redmoon again,
    but now i need help in game..

    1. now i have red philar lvl 208, with stats : 280 6020 340 2020 ( with all equip i can wear, 1 str ring & 2 power ring )
    is that stats okay? should i stay at red or change it to blue honor?

    2. i kinda stuck at money and always hoping for cola/ice cream drop.. hahaha…
    would you guys give me some advice how to get/ generate money easier?

    my ign : Hexohm ( red phillar )

    many thanks,



    stay red. stats look ok. but lose the dex and str unless from rings or neck. Mail J4 ill send ya some gold


    thank you jarod,
    the dex and str is from the accesories and i accidently hit the BP to dex ..ugh..


    It’s alright, especially right now. If you use the shapeshift tool on the website during this month while you are logged out, it resets your character’s stats.

    Also, outside of the shapeshift events, PPills are for sale in sahara trader. You can get white named ppills for 1 dura each, so messing up your stats isn’t as unforgiving as the old days.

    Finally, during shapeshift, you can turn into an azlar or lavita and keep your philar stats, should be a lot faster to level that way since they both got their first AoE attacks at 50.

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    thanks a lot Jarod and Shades for in game help..

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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