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    Hi All,

    I’m new to this game but this is a very interesting game i think, i want to ask the function of several things below
    1. coffee
    2. passes
    3. caffeine pills
    4. seeds and its type
    5. how to cure blind spell from esper

    also is there anyway to make the running speed faster for long time like 1 hour or 2 hours? i dont mind the stamina is reduce but at least the running speed more faster,

    thank you all


    1. Coffee cures sleep status.
    2. Pas cures freeze and slow status.
    3. Caffeine pill recovers 50% mp no matter what spirit stat.
    4. Seeds plant trees and moves honor 1 point in red or blue direction, whatever color you are.
    5. Prevent blind and all other statuses with anubyne booster, or Philar’s starlight spell. Kitara’s sweet water will cure if you are kitara.

    Quickyne booster will give haste, Carbodyne will give infinite stamina. Quicks, Carbs, and Anubyne are expensive for new players though, so try to get with an army who will help you.


    Thanks Mushroom,

    it really help and very clear, one more thing i found many “durabitlity” and some weird stuff at shop on sahara1, do you know what they meant to be?

    thanks again

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    There’s a link on the main site called Game Guide which will explain everything in great detail. One thing to note, if you find a dark blue poison pill and need to reset your stats, sell it to the sahara trader for 5 durabilities and buy a white one for 1 durability. You can also sell escape capsules and ariadne’s threads for 1 durability a piece, even though it says you’ll get 0. Not too useful items.

    Think about saving your fortunes and sell them to rich players. Not sure what the market is. Could always just use them and try your luck.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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