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    I haven’t played this game in over 15 years and tonight logged in to a new (canon) character.
    So are there any guidelines on how to start (I’m level 42 now and just put all my points in dex).
    Have no idea what I’m doing lol and could use some help.

    What I remembered from the old days was roaming around with a canon char and a M9, but nothing more on how to play.
    Would really appreciate some help, thanks!

    Character name is FatPanda

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    Hi Patrick,

    Welcome back! I have also been around for quite a while, and had a few absences, though never as long as 15 years!

    Yes, M9 canon is a good strategy for getting up quickly and easily. I will mail you one. It is a heavy item, though, so you actually need a decent amount of strength before you can hold it to use. It also gives a good amount of dex, especially at a low level, so I would suggest resetting your stats to (1) get enough Str to hold the M9, your armor, and a decent amount of food, then (2) enough power to easily survive where you’re leveling. You will need to get to a higher level before you really need any base dex on a Canon. (Maybe somewhere between 100 and 200, maybe 200+, I’m not sure off the top of my head.) I will also send you a poison pill as well to do that stat reset – just make sure to use it before it disappears (which would be sometime next weekend, evening/night of 2/29-3/1 depending on your time zone.)

    I wish I had been on earlier when you were and could have had a little back & forth, but at least the server is pretty active right now with the event going on, so you can probably find someone on a decent amount of the time who can help answer questions or with any item/money needs you have.

    Again, welcome back, and good luck!
    – Gushy


    Hi Gushy,

    Wow thank you so much for taking the time to write this down and also giving me assistance with the poison pill and the M9(!)!
    What I remember from all that time ago was a great community and it seems like nothing has changed in all those years.
    If I have any questions I’ll ask them ingame or make a post heren.

    Again, thank you so much, this sure means a lot.



    Happy to help another OG player! Feel free to send me a PM as well if you need anything; besides canon advice 🙂

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