Please remove uniques and sunsets from "popping" if inactive too long.

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    I tend to be VERY into things (Redmoon included) or not at all into them for extended periods of time. I had an itch to play RMC the other day and noticed my uniques have all been deleted (apparently I went too many months without logging in).

    I found myself annoyed but thinking “welp at least they’re in the drop pool and others can find and use them”…but no that’s not true because RMC artificially adds uniques and sunsets which means most items are well past their “drop limit”.

    So…what’s the point of deleting peoples uniques and sunsets if it’s not even going to benefit active players?

    I realize there are no longer GMs around ;p. Maybe merc is still around and magically has the power?

    Alternatively if a GM actually is around, sees this, and thinks “no”: just go ahead and start deleting all accounts that are inactive for too long. Items or accounts either way they’re something someone worked hard to get.

    Thanks for reading and have a great day. ^_^


    Good point


    That’s the reason this game has lost so many players. Taking stuff that took people years to get to just be removed from the game when there isn’t an event anymore to acquire these items. Use to be once a year, but not u just get stuff deleted while duped items take over. A guy who gets suspended for 6 months and has all his sunsets and unis taken doesn’t even get those base when he waited a year in a half for them after the 6 month suspension.


    I agree… I lost my selion set and upgraded chip set and have no motivation to invest more $$ or time at this point, though I would have pursued orbs and donated further if I could still level without relying on the occasional summit group, which is rare now.. I think if you combine and upgrade items like chips, they shouldn’t disappear as easy. /sigh


    i didn’t realize sunsets were deleted. logged in a few mos ago and assumed my characters were just looted, good to know. if items aren’t part of the the drop pool upon deletion, i see no reason for this. kind of a kick in the balls to those of us who loved and supported the game for years to just have all that work erased. i certainly dont want to do it all again.


    I’m not sure where you guys got the idea that sunsets are included in the cleanup, they aren’t. If you can’t find a sunset you believe you should have (and it hasn’t been broken or deleted by other means) I can attempt to find it for you.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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