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    Below are the questions and answers that have been at previous “Amanda Mini Events”

    1. What is the GMT time Apples change to fortunes?
    (0:00 GMT)

    2. How many fade stages does a unique go through before disappearing?
    5 FADE stages

    3. How many points do all armies start with?
    300 points

    4. Newly formed armies must wait how many hours before declaring war on another army?
    168 Hours

    5. After you declare war, what is the hour range given for armies to prepare?
    24-99 hours

    6. Any player in any location except WHAT MAP can attack and kill you without being penalized themselves.

    7. How many hours must you play to decrease 1 PK count of 5 minutes?
    10 hours of play

    8. What is the alchemy formula for a protection?
    1x LMS + 30,000,000 Gold

    9. What level do you receive by mail your FIRST and LAST Battle Dimension Pass?
    275 + 975

    10. What level is the lowest level requirement for an Earth rare weapon?
    Level 0 Tow 2 and M9

    11. What was the gold fee to enter the Battle Dimension?

    12. List the top 5 armies on the ranking page in order. (On 5/21/20)

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    Its Me

    Awesome 😀


    Damn good job!!

    I wish i was there

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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