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    So I’ve been playing this game for a while but still don’t know all the ins and outs of mechanics. I thought it would be interesting if people knew some lesser known gameplay tips they could post them here.

    So for Canon, does Strength actually matter? I see in the guide that you should put points in. But I experimented with about 400 str vs 3k str and did the exact same damage with a gun. Is there something I am missing? I also notice it doesn’t mention putting points in spirit, but his skills last like 10 seconds before you have to cast again. Maybe its preference but I feel like he needs at least 1k spr for you to not constantly cast after every encounter.

    Also, what effects crit rate with weapons? Anything?


    as far as i know, strength for canon only matters with bazooka. primarily, he is dex based, especially blue canon. most people put the minimum amount of spirit to maximize bonus points for attack and power. as you get higher level, necklaces or even sunset items can make up for using bonus points to add spirit.


    Strength will increase Canon’s attack for guns and bazooka. I believe it chooses either the damage from strength or attack on the weapon, whichever is greater. The base attack on earth weapons are high, so your strength has to be higher than 3k for it to increase in damage. Once you start using signus weapons and sunsets (600+), the entire damage will be based on your strength. As far as I know, there’s no way to change the crit rate of weapons.

    Buff duration is based on spirit. Usually the formula is spirit / 1200 = buff duration in minutes. So 600 spirit will give you 30 second buffs. It’s not recommended to add spirit as Canon because that means you will have less strength and power.


    Blue canon gets skills that allow for 100% crit rate later on (Snipe). His last blue skill makes it so each bullet also has max damage roll.

    Also, strength is canon’s primary attack stat.

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